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Match sentences AF with gaps in the text. There is one sentence that you do not need.
Guerrilla gardening: an 
urban revolution?

In 1973, an artist called Liz Christy had a meeting with a group of friends to talk about the part of New York they lived in. It was a poor, unattractive neighbourhood.  (...........)Christy and her friends decided to do something to improve their environment.
Secretly, they cleared away the rubbish from these areas of empty land. Then they planted flowers, trees and even crops. At the same time, they gave classes to local residents to teach them about gardening. The group called themselves the Green Guerrillas (.........). They weren't soldiers like normal guerrillas, but they did invent their own weapon: the seed bomb. It contains earth, seeds and water. (............)
(............) Around 1650, a group of Englishmen who called themselves the Diggers decided to plant vegetables on common ground to feed the local people. It was an illegal act and the government put a stop to it.
Modern 'guerrilla gardeners' are acting illegally by using land they do not own.(.........)  After all, in many cases, they are making the environment better for everyone.

A-In fact, the history of illegal gardening goes back much further.
B-There were areas of empty land because nobody wanted to build houses there.
C-Instead of spreading death and destruction, it spreads plant life!
D-That's why the area was particularly unattractive.
E-Similar groups began in other cities and then other countries, including Australia and Brazil.
F-However, the authorities usually allow it to continue.

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