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Escribir la carta en el presente perfecto a sus amigos que vive en el extranjero. 2 párrafos de 5 líneas. se pueden utilizar otros tiempos verbales (presente simple y el pasado simple)
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All the best to you for the New Year! How are things going in the Land of the Rising Sun? I must say, I really envy you getting that Tokyo gig with the company. Somehow they overlooked me on that one and I am forced to slug it out here through another frigid and snowy Montreal winter. Brrrr! 

I heard through the grapevine that business is going well there. Rumor has it that you guys are just about to close a big deal with the Japanese government for an M-750 Simulator. Great news! Good for the company and good for you. Keep up the great work! 

Did you hear about Margie Bronson suddenly leaving the company just before year-end? It was a bit of a shock to say the least. She gave one week's notice and was gone. Nobody knows for sure what's up with her but rumors have been flying fast and furious that she went through a bit of a personal meltdown and has now gone underground to lick her wounds for a while. There could be some truth to that since her long time relationship ended recently and three months ago she was passed over for that director position that was up for grabs. I'll keep you posted when we find out more. 

As for me, I am quite busy these days on the Branscombe Systems Project. We are entering Phase Two now, and that is expected to run for three years, at least. Frank Schindler is Senior Project Manager and I am Team Leader of the Embedded Systems Group. I am enjoying it so far. Whether I'll feel the same way in three years, I'm not sure. By then I might be ready to join you in Japan. 

I'm still kicking butt in the squash court and am managing to get in two or three matches per week. What about squash in Japan? Have you been able to play any over there? Are there even any squash courts? I suppose since you are in Tokyo there must be some. espero que te sirva
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