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One of my favourite restaurants is El Refectorium. It is located just behind the popular Malaga bullring, in the zone called La Malagueta. It's the best traditional Mediterranean cuisine restaurant in my town.

This establishment is quite small so reservations are recommended on weekends and at bullfights. The old-fashioned furniture makes the atmosphere very cosy. The waiters always seem to be in high spirits and they are really kind to the customers.

As you come into the restaurant, you see the tables and a bar where you can have some "tapas", like anchovies in vinegar as well as the well-known Salad Olivier (or more commonly, and incorrectly, called with the term Russian salad in other countries).

In my opinion, every dish you order will be tasty. One thing you shouldn't leave without trying is "gazpachuelo", a soup with potatoes, fish and seafood. You can also enjoy eating fresh fish. As for the desserts, the one I like most is the "profiteroles", a chocolate-flavoured cake with cream; it's particularly delicious.

Even though it's rather an expensive restaurant, I recommend it because of the high quality of all their products. I have no doubt that you will be satisfied.
Espero te ayude :)
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