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please 30 oraciones con past progressive thanks

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El pasado progresivo o "past progressive" es una forma del verbo que muestra que la acción estaba en progreso en un momento dado durante un tiempo pasado. Se forma empleando el auxiliar del verbo to be en pasado más el participio presente terminado en -ing.

Formula: sujeto + was/were + verbo-ing

Esta es una lista de 30 oraciones con past progressive

1. They weren't talking to Frank when the visitor came. 
2.They weren't walking the dog when a wolf attacked. 
3. He wasn't running with Susan when the tornado came. 
4. We weren't talking to Frank, when the accident happened. 
5. She was talking on the phone while doing exercises.
6. I was walking down the street when I saw him.
7. You were dancing with him on the disco.
8. He was smiling to her all night long.
9. She was jogging when she bumped on him.
10. Tom was travelling when he got the information about his mother´s death.
11. Samantha was already doing better when this terrible news got to her.
12. We were on our way to teh airport when he called us.
13. They were talking about their last trip for hours.
14. Suzy and Joe were planning to go to Hawaii but finally they went to San Francisco instead.
15. I was going to call him when he knocked on my door.
16. You were doing your homework all afternoon, now you can go out and play.
17. Mum and dad were having a great weekend in spa.
18. Teacher was checking  our tests when suddenly teh principal called him.
19. The computer was working perfectly then suddenly it just turned off.
20. The stewardess was walking through the aisle when the turbulence started.
21. I was running during two hours I think it is more than enough.
22. Laura  was having a great time on her excursion.
23. I was going to tell you the news but you already knew it.
24. You were spending so much money lately so it had to end up like that.
25. Diana was walking back home when she realized that she forgot her keys.
26. Cindy was reading this book all night, it must be fascinating!
27. Lucy was watching TV for so long that her eyes hurt really bad.
28. Andy was drinking a lot recently, do you think he might have a problem?
29. Ronda was thinking about becoming a vegetarian but I don´t think she can do that.
30. Anna was being really grumpy the whole morning, what happened to her?

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