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Nesesito la rutina diaria de algun famoso en Ingles

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Shakira's daily routine.

She wakes up and makes breakfast for her family, then she takes a shower, she dresses up, she combs her hair and puts some makeup on her face, after that, she prepares their children for school, then she leaves her children in the day care and she goes to work.

On a busy day, she makes a photoshoot for about 4 hours, and then she needs to go fast to pick up her children in the day care, then they arrive home and eat the lunch that her husband prepared, and she spends all the that left with her family until all go to bed.
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Olivia Rodirgo's daily routine.

She wakes up and dresses up. She makes breakfast for her mom. She goes to gym and then she takes a shower. She goes to work. She spends several hours at the label recording his songs.

On a quiet day, she can take time to watch a movie and put on makeup. She likes to check his networks and respond to her fans. Some days she must go to take photos for an advertising campaign.

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