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jhon1997greifer: RAPIDOO TODO BIEN :LIKE: xD

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Contestado por pitufisimamirel
1 Mary is waiting at the door.
2 Rose is sinting on a chair.
3 the class starts at five ó clock
4 Caty is running on a wet street without her runners.
5Do you know a what time close the teather ´scince the class?,yes she close it at tree ó clock ,but I am sliping on my bed.
6 Come on its very late to go there at that time!
7 you are on time.good!
8 this is an old man in black.
9 how do you go there?,on foot
10 what´s that? it´s an adjustable spanner.
11she is an American woman.
12 My friend is an old clever man. are on my heart
14 the monkey was on my sholder.
15 the bird was at the door singing a song.
16you are an honest man.
17 the moon was shining an MP.
18 I am waiting for you for an hour.
19At four o´clock stars the football news .
20 where are you now? I am at home.
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