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necesito un dialogo en ingles de 3 personas donde se utilice los verbos going to y will es urgente que tenga 18 lineas

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How old are you Maria? 
Maria: I'm twenty years old but I'm going to be twenty one in August 5th. 
Jamie: Wow, you will be a tall woman. 

Karen: Hahahahaa, Nice, that's a friday. What are you going to do?. 
Maria: Katherine is going to take me to a restaurant. 
Jamie: I love going to restaurants. 

Karen: Nice, Can I go with you?. 
Jamie: Me too want to go with you, Can I? 
Maria: Yes, you can; also, you will have to go. 

Karen and Jamie: Why will we have to go?. 
Maria: Because you are my best friends and I want your company. 

Karen: You're so beautiful, I love you and I will love you. Ok, Bye everybody, I have to go. 
Jamie: You're so nice, Ok, See you later, Bye, Me too have to go. 
Maria: Ok, See us.
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