Inglés, pregunta formulada por YisúsBell99, hace 11 meses

Necesito 5 oraciones con Do y 5 oraciones con Does, con respuesta en forma negativa y positiva

Getsemany04: Las ocupabas en Ingles
Getsemany04: ???
YisúsBell99: si, por que tengo que hacer preguntas en DO y Does con sus respectivas repuestas
Getsemany04: Listo, ya esta en la respuesta que te di ;)
YisúsBell99: gracias

Respuestas a la pregunta

Contestado por Getsemany04
Do yo do your homework? Yes i do. 
Does he like ice-cream? Yes, he does. 
Do they work in an office? Yes,they do. 
Does she walk in the park everyday? No, she doesn't. 
Does it fly? yes, it does. 
Do you speak france? No, we don't. 
Does mary beautiful? yes, she does. 
Do they live in USA? No, they don't. 
Do you have breakfast every morning? Yes, i do. 
Do you have to spend so much time on your homework? No, i don't 
Does he speak English well? No, he doesn't 
Does she live near the school? Yes, she does. 
Does he like Historial movies? No, he doesn't 
Does the class begin at nine? Yes, it does. 
Does your teacher live on Main Street? No, she doesn't. 
Contestado por edisonortiz016


He doesn't play tennis. ...

I don't know the answer. ...

She doesn't live here anymore. ...

He doesn't smoke. ...

You don't like yellow dresses.


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