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necesito 20 oraciones en ingles que posea las siguientes palabras (It,And,Ever,Because,For,Like,But,Not,Only,Perhaps,On,Very y Without.)

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Contestado por anno123456
1 I don't like the cake, I love it the cake.
2 My sister is big and beautiful.
3 Ever remember the numbers.
4 I love my mom because she gives me love.
5 i make this for my mom.
6 i like the apple.
7 I study english but i don't like it.
8 i only eat chicken.
9 I'm Very fine.
10 without my son i feel bad.
11 i love the cake and the chicken.
12 I love the beef because have salt.
13 my dad dance for my mom.
14 i like watch videos in youtube.
15 i like very much stay in the pool.
16 i only stay in my house.
17 without my phone i'm bored.
Las otras las puedes hacer, suerte.

Johanny1: Gracias por ayudarme en esto :D
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