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Imagine you are studying at a language school in the UK, USA or Australia. Write an e-mail to an English-speaking friend. Inlude following information:

- your trip to the UK, USA or Australia,

- the school, classes and teachers,

- new friends,

- a reason to finish the letter.

Use words: as well, also, too, either.

Word limit 100.

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Hey Joseph!

I have already calmed down after flight to Melbourne. It was been very exciting but very scary too. I hadn't got any bigger troubles with my journey.

School is very modern, new furniture, and teachers really teach us something.

Also people here are so friendly ! I already got about 10 friends and only one week has passed. All right i got to go because bell has rang. Reply me as soon as possible.


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Ey mirad soy antiguo jejejeeje del 2011


soy inevitable viajo por los tiempos

soy del futuro y vengo a informarles que en el 2020 hay una pandemia...................................................


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