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Escribir un diálogo entre un medico y un paciente.

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-Good morning! - Corresponds to the Doctor
-What is wrong with you? - Ask the doctor
-Throat hurts, I have a runny nose and cough - tells you
-Ooo .. Please take off your jacket .. -Doctor Says
(Strange eyes looking at you Doctor)
-I examined Mrs. ... - Explains Dr.
(She dutifully executes the command)
-Please stand back and breathe deeply - the doctor says
-Oh, bad, bad - says doctor
-What is me - he asks the patient concerned
-Where are you so caught cold?
-Doctor because I once washed his hair and walked onto the field. It was a bit cold and probably me zawiao - explained by patient
-Oh, yes! It is certainly a cause, "said Dr.
-So what I'm sick? - Asks the patient
-Do you have bronchitis and pharyngitis - says doctor
-O's! - Cried the frightened patient
Unsubscribe lady-doctor says antibiotics .-
-Well - the patient says
-Please buy it immediately at a pharmacy. As far as possible today - says doctor
-Well - corresponds to the patient immediately
-A and one more thing. - Says doctor
-Yes? ..- hear you say
-please come in two weeks ... We will see whether it is improving - says Dr.
-Well - the patient is responsible
-Thank you, Doctor! "said the patient
-Good-bye! - Says doctor

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